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Players: 2-8
Difficulty: Easy
Playtime: 15 Minutes

A game of wordplay and spies.

A crowd favourite for two to eight players, which is easy to learn and with as many short rounds as you feel like, codenames involves two teams competing to find all their spies in the field without uncovering the opposition’s spies or (god forbid) the assassin.

To find your spies, your spymaster (clue-giver) will give a single word each turn, and a number. In front of you is a grid of words, five by five, which change every game. It’s up to you and your spy buddies to work out which words on the grid your spymaster is trying to put you towards. Test your word association chops and chase down all your spies before the other team finds all of theirs to win the game!

Codenames is the perfect balance of teamwork and competition, and short games make it a great game for a few rounds with the family or over drinks with friends.